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We are proud of the stellar reputation our Algonquin chiropractors have secured by delivering excellent care to each patient we treat. To relieve the pain and symptoms, and aid patients on their way to full recovery, the Algonquin chiropractor uses only non-surgical, natural remedies that have been proven safe and effective to provide exemplary healthcare to the community. To achieve this, each of the Algonquin chiropractors attaches special meaning to family chiropractic care.

Our chiropractric services come from the foundation that the entire body needs to be assessed in order to diagnose your condition. The Algonquin chiropractors have studied various chiropractic techniques to identify and treat each specific patient's condition. A correct diagnosis of the ailment is their main intention; your health is a primary concern for the Algonquin chiropractor!

Our mission since we opened the Algonquin chiropractors office has been to help individuals achieve perfect health. Our Algonquin chiropractor aims to return patients to long-term health and wellness, not only getting rid of pain. The endeavor of the Algonquin chiropractors is to build a connection of optimum health and higher potentials for lifelong wellness through chiropractic care. At each clinic, you can expect the latest techniques and leading innovations, including nutritional counseling and guidance from the Algonquin chiropractor.

Our Algonquin chiropractor works with each new patient individually to understand their goals and needs, and put together a specific plan of attack. If you are curious about chiropractic care in our offices and want to speak with one of the Algonquin chiropractors, feel free to give us a call. If you need a Algonquin chiropractor, we're here to help!

Welcome From Dr. Anthony Galante
Dr. Anthony Galante

Thanks for your interest in our practice and the exciting world of chiropractic ? our team is ready to treat your needs and get you on the path of feeling better! You may be asking yourself, what is chiropractic, and how can visits to the chiropractor deliver great benefits to me?


The Beginnings and Advancement of Chiropractic Care: The Principle of the Preparation of Chiropractors
The history of chiropractic care is long. The employment of spinal adjustments to reduce pain and care for the lower extremities was discussed in Greek and Chinese writings dating as far back as...
Things that Might Induce Neck Unease and Chiropractic Treatments that Can Alleviate Pain
The neck starts at the base of the skull. Your cervical spine (the neck) has seven vertebrae. Considering your head weighs quite a few pounds, your neck's responsibility of holding it up is a feat....
Diagnosing Subluxations within the Spine Along with Being Aware Of Relief Alternatives
According to chiropractic terminology, a "subluxation" is a dislocation of the vertebrae that hinders function. The dislocation shows your chiropractic doctor where to perform the spinal...

I have had several issues with my back and neck since I was 19 year old. Due to Dr. Tonys awesome treatment and care I have been able to do everything that I have wanted to do...

Dr Galante and Kevin T have been extremely helpful in making my back and old shoulder injury feel like a kid again. They have helped my wife and daughter with back issues as...

Very professional environment and yet friendly. I have been so pleased with the progress I am making with problems I have had for years.

(224) 829-0339